Sunday, October 3, 2010

Before I get some sleep...

I wanted to thank everyone for their interest in my blog, you're all awesome, and you've all got some pretty cool blogs, I'm never bored now! XD

This one's of a house I saw while out there, partially standing still! Not sure how big it is, but I want to take a team to check it out some time, I'd rather not check out a roofed place, desolate, alone, haha!

The Colonial house...

That's what I call it, it's a neat little house out in a clearing of Irith. Neat, isn't it?

Morning everyone!

I've got a new post for you guys, it's a picture I took from a hill near my place, I got the mountains off in the distance, with a well for comparison. Maybe some time I'll go explore them, eh?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A set before bed...

For the readers. All of this was out in the forest, I think some real estate person owns the property, whoever does must be loaded, that or it's a big reservation, I've got some of those near my pad too, thinking of going on the trails and snapping some scenery...?

As long as there's land to be seen, I'll keep all of this updated! Keep yourselves posted here, and hit an ad to get me some revenue, all of it goes towards better cameras, (The one I have only has a 128MB memory card, and it chews up batteries, so I'm looking into some rechargables.)

Thanks to my current viewers!

I'm already kicking this all off pretty well, and I've got a bit of revenue coming in. I can't thank you all enough, it's a start and I'm glad. Whoever's showing interest, I'd like to give another gift of the day.

Here's a picture of a building that never looks like it was finished, and numerous taggers got to it, it's actually pretty good looking. I've got another one planned for later! Again, thank you all so much!

My Adventerous Spirit...

     I like this whole blogging thing, I never really go back to my projects on the second day, but this really interests me. Will I spark anyone's interest? I hope I do. I did an exploration a while back, in which I took a bunch of pictures of the places I found out in the forests of Irith. I'll be updating with these pictures periodically, one to thrice a day, so keep yourselves posted with The Adventures and Masquerades!

     This is a beautiful willow tree I found out in the forest. It's grass isn't as green anymore, as I took this a while back, but it's bound to come back soon, come winter.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Well, my first post...

I've started this to put out the chronicles of my adventures and masquerades (Not cosplay, as my outfits don't directly portray anime characters) But I digress.. Anyway, here's the first picture of my adventurous escapades into the forests of Irith, the forest a mile from my place. This one is a picture of a forest I went exploring in, that's a shooting range I found out there. Pretty nifty, eh?